Mathematics Part-II

Book: Mathematics Part-II

Chapter: 8. Application of Integrals

Subject: Maths - Class 12th

Q. No. 10 of Exercise 8.1

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Find the area bounded by the curve x2 = 4y and the line x = 4y – 2.

It is given that the area of the region bounded by the parabola x2 = 4y and x = 4y - 2.

Let A and B be the points of intersection of the line and parabola.

Coordinates of point A are

Coordinates of point B are (2, 1).

Now, draw AL and BM perpendicular to x axis.

We can see that

Area OBAO = Area OBCO + Area OAC) …(1)

Now, Area OBCA = Area OMBC – Area of OMBO



Area OACO = Area OLAC – Area of OLAO

Therefore, the required area is


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