What is ozone and how does it affect any ecosystem?

Ozone is a toxic gas formed from reaction of ultraviolet radiations with oxygen. It differs from oxygen in having three molecules (O3) instead of two. Ozone is formed when Ultraviolet radiations act on oxygen molecules. Oxygen molecules O2 are converted to ozone O3 when Ultraviolet radiations act upon them.

Ozone layer protects ecosystems by blocking the harmful ultraviolet radiations coming from the sun, reaching the earth and thus protecting from ailments like skin cancer, cataract and immunosuppression which occur when ultraviolet radiations reach humans. Use of chlorofluorocarbon is depleting the ozone layer and making it thinner which is allowing ultraviolet radiations to penetrate the earth and cause cancer, cataract and immunosuppression in humans and is also damaging plant life. It is important to stop the emission of CFC’s which are contributing to depletion of ozone layer, in order to save all forms of life.