Discuss the different aspects of the term ‘society’. How is it different from your common sense understanding?

The term society may be defined as a web of relationships. It is a group of people sharing common culture and occupying a particular territorial area. They feel themselves as a unified and distinct entity.

The different aspects of society are -

• As a structure, it can be defined as a network of interrelated Institutions.

• It remains alive and keeps growing by the process of reproduction of its members in their own forms.

• Every society has its own culture; it is a set of traditions, values, customs and beliefs, which cannot be transformed immediately.

• It is a process of continuous interaction among its members.

In common sense society has a very limited scope and meaning and we hardly question about its origin or believe that it has some set of principles based on behavioural science whereas when we understand it through the various aspects of sociology we come to know about the systematic and scientific approach through which the subject is developed and the principles and perceptions that help in the origination of a society.