Discuss how there is greater give and take among disciplines today.

Sociology is a branch of social science which includes anthropology, economics, Political Science, and history. The give and take among these disciplines are being discussed below -

1. Sociology and Economics

a. Economics is the study of production and distribution of goods and services and it deals with the inter-relation of pure economic variables like price, demand and supply, flow of money, output and input ratios, etc.

b. The sociological approach looks at economic behaviour in a broader context of social norms, values, practices, and interest.

c. Sociology does not provide the technical solutions like economics but asks questions and critically examine the assumptions on the basis of which various economic theories are based.

d. Sociology provides clearer and more adequate understanding of social situation.

2. Sociology and Political Science

Political Science is the study of political theory and government administration. Political science is restricted to the study of the powers of formal organisation whereas sociology studies all the aspects of societies and all the institutions in the society and their inter-relatedness. Max Weber introduced political sociology which studies the political behaviour.

3. Sociology and History

History is the study of past and sociologist are also interested in the contemporary and recent past. History studies the quantity details whereas sociology is the abstract from concrete reality. History studies how the thing actually happened whereas sociology focuses on the causal relationship.

4. Sociology and Psychology

a. Psychology can be defined as the science of behaviour. It deals with the individual behaviour including intelligence, learning, motivation, memory, nervous system, reaction time, hopes and fears, etc.

b. Social psychology reduces the gap between psychology and sociology. Psychology is basically related with individual behaviour whereas sociology is related with the behaviour of an individual in social groups.

5. Sociology and Anthropology

a. Both sociology and anthropology are social science focusing on the study of human behaviour within their societies and are often considered as twin sisters.

b. Social Anthropology studies man as a social being and deals with the behaviour of man in social situations.

c. The basic difference is that anthropology is concerned with the past whereas sociology is concerned with present.

d. The sociologists can easily manage with the second hand information but the anthropologist need first-hand knowledge.