Note what are the marriage rules that are followed in your society. Compare your observations with these made by other students in the class. Discuss.

Marriage exists in variety of forms in our society, which depends upon -

• The number of partners, and

• Who can marry whom

Rule regarding number of partners - On this basis we have two forms of marriage –

• Monogamy - In this a person can have one spouse only. A man or woman can remarry only in case of death of his or her spouse or in case of divorce. Though in Hindu society it is not very common for widow ladies to remarry but the society is in the stage of transformation and thinking of people are widening.

• Polygamy - It allows marrying more than one person at one time. It may be polygyny, where one husband can have two or more wives or polyandry, where one wife can have two or more husbands. In our society polygamy is not very commonly and widely accepted.

Rules regarding who can marry whom - On this basis we have two rules -Endogamy and exogamy

• In endogamy the individuals have restricted to marry within their cultural group or the group to whom he or she belongs. They are not allowed to marry outside their group or caste.

• In exogamy no reservation or restriction on individuals are imposed regarding whom they should marry. They can marry within their own group or even outside their group.

In my society the rules of marriage followed are –

• Monogamy and

• Endogamy

The observations made by other students of my class are also quite similar to that of mine.