Find out how membership, residence pattern and even the mode of interaction changes in the family with broader economic, political and cultural changes, for instance migration.

Family is an institution where all its members live together under one roof and are cordially related. There are various factors which affect the family, some of them are being discussed below -

1. Economic change: The change in the economic structure affects family in several ways as their earning capacity and spending habit is affected by it. Like industrialisation has broke joint families into nuclear families and even the female member of the family has adopted instrumental role.

2. Political change: The changes in the political environment of the country affect the families in many ways.

3. Cultural change: The changes in culture in the society with advancement and modernisation of society affects the families like many people many families are moving from endogamy to exogamy rules of marriage and the restrictions imposed on marrying with him the same caste is being withdrawn with the advancement of the social culture

In search of job people migrate from one state to another, from villages to urban areas, from one country to another and every new place has a new set of economical, political and cultural factors and the family is affected.