NCERT - Sociology

Book: NCERT - Sociology

Chapter: 3. Understanding Social Institutions

Subject: Social Science - Class 11th

Q. No. 4 of Exercises

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Discuss the kind of rights that exist in your society. How do they affect your life?

Three types of rights exist in society - Civil rights, political rights, and social rights.

1. Civil rights include

a. Freedom to choose where to live

b. Freedom of speech and religion

c. Right to own property

d. Right to equal justice before law

2. Political rights include

a. Right to participate in elections

b. Right to stand for public office

3. Social rights include

a. Right as health benefits

b. Rate of unemployment allowance

c. Right of fixation of minimum level of wages

d. These rights guarantee a minimum standard of economic welfare and security to the citizens

These citizenship rights help in smooth functioning of the life of individuals and also help in the growth of personality. They help them to live freely in the society and provide them a sense of belongingness and securities.


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