Write an essay on school as a social institution. Draw from both your reading as well as your personal observations.

Education is a lifelong process, which involves both formal and informal Institutions of learning. School is among the formal institutions of learning which were formed when the need of education was felt in the society.

The need of education is defined by sociology as a process of transmission or communication of group heritage common to all societies.

According to the thoughts of Durkheim - "A society cannot survive without a common base of ideas, sentiments, and practices, which education must inculcate in all the children indiscriminately irrespective of the fact that to which social category they belong to."

Education should be given to children in such a manner that it could prepare the child for a special occupation and enable the child to internalize the core values of society.

According to common sense knowledge, schools provide one of the basic components of sociology that is socialism to the children. The schools inculcate the values and norms of society among the children and help them to become a part of society when they are grownups.