NCERT - Sociology

Book: NCERT - Sociology

Chapter: 4. Culture and Socialisation

Subject: Social Science - Class 11th

Q. No. 3 of Exercises

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Compare two cultures with which you are familiar. Is it difficult not to be ethnocentric?

Two cultures that are very prominent in society are urban culture and rural culture.

The urban culture represents the life of people staying in city whereas rural culture represents the life of people living in villages.

In cities there are lot of industries and the people work with machines and are into formal employment as well as they use various other machines in daily course of life whereas in villages people are mainly engaged in agriculture and into informal employment.

The life in villages is very simple and traditional as compared to the life in cities.

In cities people prefer to live individually and in villages people prefer to live in groups.

Ethnocentrism means the application of one’s own cultural values in evaluating the behaviour and beliefs of people from other culture. It exists when a culture comes in contact with other culture.

Under ethnocentrism we believe our culture to be superior to all other existing cultures. Like people residing in villages feel that they lead a better life and have a better culture than urban culture and similarly the people living in cities believe that their culture is better than those who are residing in villages

Therefore it is difficult not to be ethnocentric.


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