NCERT - Sociology

Book: NCERT - Sociology

Chapter: 5. Doing Sociology: Research Methods

Subject: Social Science - Class 11th

Q. No. 1 of Exercises

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Why is the question of a scientific method particularly important in sociology?

Sociology is a social science therefore the scientific method of study is very important. It helps the sociologist to acquire knowledge.

Sociology is the study of human behaviour as an individual and in group and the sociologists have to deal with different societies having same and different cultures. So they need to do research and field work for taking public opinion and feelings regarding a particular subject matter.

The sociologists try to be neutral while analysing the collected data and they don't want their own perception to bias their study.

Some sociologists believe that in order to study the society with objectivity it is important to have a scientific approach therefore the need for a scientific method was felt.


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