NCERT - Sociology

Book: NCERT - Sociology

Chapter: 5. Doing Sociology: Research Methods

Subject: Social Science - Class 11th

Q. No. 2 of Exercises

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What are some of the reasons for ‘objectivity’ being more complicated in social sciences, particularly disciplines like sociology?

Objectivity means unbiased or neutral or anything which is based on facts. Being objective means avoiding own feelings, attitude and perception about the thing being studied and analysing it on the basis of available facts and figures.

Objectivity creates special problem in social science like sociology because the social scientists, who develop the subject are also a part of society having their own likes and dislikes.

Even if the sociologist is reflexive there are chances of unconscious bias where the sociologist is conducting a research related to his or her own society.

Sociology is not as true as a physical science, it is about the study of society and a single thing can be expressed in many ways, there can be several views and various truths, so objectivity creates complication in Sociology.


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