NCERT - Sociology

Book: NCERT - Sociology

Chapter: 5. Doing Sociology: Research Methods

Subject: Social Science - Class 11th

Q. No. 6 of Exercises

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What are the strengths and weaknesses of participant observation as a method?

The strengths and weaknesses of participant observation as a method are –


1. It provides a detailed picture about the people on whom the research is being conducted.

2. The data used in analysis by the sociologist is authentic and first hand data.

3. A daily record is maintained due to which there is no chance of missing any data.

4. To some extent it is free from being biased.

5. As it is based upon the observation method so many errors and biases of other methods are avoided.


1. It is time consuming

2. It requires lot of effort

3. It is costlier than other methods

4. It cannot be said that it is free from all types of bias, the chances of unconscious bias is always there

5. It studies a small community and cannot be true for all.


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