The three stanzas depict three different phases. What are they?

The three stanzas depict three different phases. They are

a. Stanza1- The entire stanza talks about how three girls went to the sea shore with their uncle. It describes their jolly faces and their excitement filled attitudes. It also describes their uncle and how he went clicking the three girls and their happy faces.

b. Stanza2- This stanza talks about how her mother spoke to Betty and Dolly about their holiday. Everyone has grown up here. And they’re all discussing their childhood.

c. Stanza3- This stanza shows the poetess mourning about the death of her mother. She has gone to the same beach where her mom had clicked this photograph with two of her(mom’s) cousins. The poetess is very sad and is still not being able to come to terms with the fact that her mom is no more.