Discuss the following in groups of two pairs, each pair in a group taking opposite points of view.

Traditions, rituals and funerary practices must be respected.


It is true that when we excavate tombs we have little consideration for the sentiments of the community that buried the dead. Such burials were carried out with the utmost respect, reverence, sentiment, sorrow, and with the best of the ability of those tasked with such burials. We must respect and acknowledge such sentiments and efforts to preserve the customs of the community and not disturb the dead.


It is true that we should respect the funerary respects of the dead but these customs must be investigated in order to learn about the lives of the community that lived in the past. By knowing the society of the past we can work on improving the present one and track our progress as we go. By understanding and learning the culture and histories of civilizations around the world, we can understand each other better and eradicate our differences.