Given below are some interesting combinations of words. Explain why they have been used together.

(i) ghostly dust devils (vi) dark-bellied clouds

(ii) desert sky (vii) casket grey

(iii) stunning artifacts (viii) eternal brilliance

(iv) funerary treasures (ix) ritual resins

(v) scientific detachment (x) virtual body

(i) This refers to strong movements of dusty winds in a desert. It is called devils because the winds are punishing and inflicting discomfort on the workers for disturbing King Tut’s tomb.

(ii) Suggests dryness and arid conditions of a desert.

(iii) Artifacts and treasures of high market value, beauty, brilliance which were found in the tomb.

(iv) Treasures which were buried with the mummy of King Tut were all made of gold, and extremely valuable.

(v) Refers to detachment from scientific intervention, traditional

(vi) Clouds which are dark in color and give a sign of possible storm and heavy rain.

(vii) The stars are being covered by dark grey clouds just like jewels are kept in a casket.

(viii) Refers to something that will last forever, unaffected by time. It is used here to describe the shine and lustre of the golden treasure and artifacts belonging to Tut.

(ix) The resins that are used by custom to prepare a body for mummification and in burial rituals.

(x) An artificial body or an image created by a machine which represents the real body. It can be used as a reference to gather facts and knowledge about a real body.