Science and Literature: the dichotomy

Dichotomy means a division or a contrast between two things which entirely oppose each other. Science and Literature are two very different aspects and they lie on two different opposing points. Difference between both is as follows:

Science relies on true and exact figures and accuracy is most important, and on the other side Literature relies on imagination and fiction which do not have any relation with accuracy.

Science plays a big role in human development and civilisation while Literature is a reflection of ideas which in turn entertain people who love reading.

Innovation and discovery is a second name of Science while abstraction reflects Literature.

Science is discovery, whereas Literature is creativity. Science is a discovery of Scientists and is surrounds by laws and principles, it is about asking questions on different aspects and forming hypothesis. Science is human exploration and every principle is formed with years of experiments. While on the other hand, Literature is a human creation and is based on writer’s imagination.