The account has only a few passive voice sentences. Locate them. In what way does the use of active voice contribute to the style of the narrative.

1. One evening I’d told her through Daniel that I was heading towards Mount Kailash to complete the kora, and she’d said that I ought to get some warmer clothes.

2. Tsetan told us we were approaching them long before they appeared.

3. The snow didn’t look too deep to me, but the danger wasn’t its depth, Daniel said, so much as its icy top layer.

4. Tsetan told me to go and drink some tea in Hor’s only café

5. As a Buddhist, he told me, he knew that it didn’t really matter if I passed away, but he thought it could be bad for business.

6. He kept telling me how fat he was and how hard it was going to be.

The use of active voice is important in bringing in the perspective of other characters as well as their way of speaking. For example, Tsetan speaks English but not complete sentences.