Conservation of forests is necessary. Why?

Forests are very important to us and their conservation is necessary due to following reasons:

Forests take CO₂ and give oxygen to us and thus are very much important for our survival.

Forests are one of the largest sources of carbon.

Forests provide habitat to complete wildlife. In order to conserve our wildlife we need to conserve forests.

Deforestation leads to natural calamities like flood, drought, and desertification. In order to avoid these disastrous conditions we need to conserve the forests.

All forest products are very much valuable to us commercially. For example- wood from the trees is used for making furniture; their products have medicinal uses etc.

Deforestation will lead to complete unbalancing of the ecosystem as forests are major contributor in maintaining balance of ecosystem.

Survival of many organisms entirely depends on forests. So, if we won’t conserve them lives of many will get affected.

Due to above mentioned reasons conservation of forests is quite necessary.