All in One - Science

Book: All in One - Science

Chapter: 7. Conservation of Plants and Animals

Subject: Biology - Class 8th

Q. No. 17 of Chapter Test

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Discuss the steps which are necessary for wildlife.

Following are the steps which are necessary for wildlife:

Firstly, we should try our best to protect the habitats of the animals. Destruction of the habitats like deforestation for our own benefits deprives many of the animals from their habitat. So, we should not cause any harm to their habitats for our own benefit.

Practices like hunting and poaching needs to be banned and strict regulations need to be implement in order to save the lives of animals.

Various projects for different animals which aim for saving and maintain the population of endangered species needs to be implement.

Number of wildlife sanctuaries, biosphere reserves, and national parks needs to be increased so that we can protect them by providing them their natural habitat.

Human intervention in their habitats needs to be in balance form which do not cause any harm to them.

Government needs to implement strict laws against crimes related to wildlife and needs to make people aware about the importance of wildlife and how they can contribute in their conservation.


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