All in One - Science

Book: All in One - Science

Chapter: 7. Conservation of Plants and Animals

Subject: Biology - Class 8th

Q. No. 20 of Chapter Test

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The vultures are important to maintain ecological balance. How?

Yes, vultures are important in maintaining ecological balance. Each organism on this earth plays its role and is important for maintaining ecological balance.

Vultures act like scavengers as they feed upon dead bodies of various animals, cattle. They feed upon them and thus prevent different diseases which can take place due to presence of dead bodies. More broadly we can say that they help in keeping environment clean.

But as they are very few in number now, degradation of dead bodies of animal is a huge problem and is creating various problems in the environment. Causing of diseases and increase in infections are the main problems.

If the vultures were good in number we won’t be suffering from the same problem and the balance of the environment remains maintained.



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