List four characteristic features of circuits used in the residential buildings.

Four characteristic features of circuits used in the residential buildings:

For safety purpose, a fuse is attached to the beginning of the circuit. Which immediately stops the current or breaks the circuit if there is overloading or any chance of fire which is quite a characteristic of residential circuits.

All the houses in a building are connected in parallel connection which supplies same voltage to each house. Hence, a steady and uniform voltage is provided to all the houses in a single circuit.

All the appliances in houses are connected with an earthing wire. Which is also a safety measure to protect from any fire or electricity damages. If there is any current leakage it will transport that current to the ground hence there will be no shock from that loose extra current.

All the houses connected in buildings are in a parallel connection which has one more benefit that if any house got short-circuit there will be no effect on the other houses. Because in a parallel connection breaking one connection won't effect another.