Explain the various part of AC generator.

An AC generator is a device which produces an alternating current when a changing magnetic field is applied on a conductor coil. The frequency of the current is same as of the frequency of rotation of the conductor coil. There are various parts of an AC generator which are shown in the image:-


The parts of AC generator are:

Rectangular Coil: Rectangular Coil is the conductor coil in which current is produced. When the coil rotates in an applied magnetic field due to electromagnetic induction a current is produced.

Permanent magnet: Permanent magnet are another most important part. They provide a steady magnetic field in which the coil rotates. Without them there is no magnetic field and there will be no electromagnetic induction.

Slip Rings: When the coil rotates, the wire attached to them through which we will get electricity will also rotate and will create a problem by as the wire will all get curl up. So the solution to this problem is slip rings. The current which is produced through coil is transported to the rings. Inner part of the ring is allowed to have rotation but the exterior part is not allowed and inner and exterior part are both connected. So the current passes to exterior part from inner part and then to the wire.

Carbon brushes: Carbon Brushes are the fixed part which is connected to slip rings. They are fixed and current from slip rings passes to carbon brush and then to the wire.

Shaft: Shaft is like a handle attached to the coil, which is used for moving the coil. It basically makes rotation easier and faster.