Mr. Sharma used to park his car in the basement of his house. One day in the morning he noticed that his basement is full of knee-deep water and its walls were wet because of the hours-long rain at night. When he entered the basement, he experienced a major shock. His father seeing him from outside, rushed to the main switch and switched it off and thus saved his life.

(a) Why Mr. Sharma experienced the shock?

(b) What precautions should Mr. Sharma take to avoid such incidences in future?

(c) Which qualities were shown by Mr. Sharma’s father?

(a) Mr. Sharma experienced the shock because due to the electricity leakage. Which occurred due to bad wirings or there might be a bad insulation of those electric wire. When last night rain occurred, the basement got flooded with water. And that water got in contact with those badly insulated wire or open wire. And due to the fact that water is a good conductor of electricity, Ms. Sharma experienced the shock.

(b) There are no of precaution which Mr. Sharma should take. Some of them are:

Monthly checking of all the wirings of the house. So that he can find out about open wires.

At the times of rain/monsoon, we must check the water before going into it.

Always use appropriate insulated rubber gloves and goggles while working on any branch circuit or any other electrical circuit.

Always wear rubber slippers/shoes while handling electricity.

(c) Mr. Sharma's father is a very intelligent man. He quickly off the main switch which shows that he is very responsible man. Moreover we can also say that he has very caring attitude towards his son.