What is the basic cause for winds to blow? Name a part of India, where wind energy is commercially harnessed. Compare wind power and power of water flow in respect of generating mechanical and electrical energies. What is the hindrance in developing them?

As in physics we know that electric current flow from higher potential to lower potential due to potential difference.

In a similar manner in nature there exists pressure difference between two locations or areas which causes the wind to flow.

A wind is air in motion and so the wind flows from area of high pressure to area of low pressure.

Wind energy is harnessed in following states of Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala etc. A wind farm is also located at Kanyakumari which is the farthest point of Indian mainland.

The major hindrances in development of these energy sources are as follows:

1. Environmental degradation of the area.

2. Availability of areas where the moving wind or flowing water is available.

3. Transportation of equipment to the selected area.

4. Heavy initial investment.