Nikhil and Neha went to a remote village in Kerala to meet their grandmother. They were surprised to see bio-gas plant in Mr. Nair’s house in the neighborhood. There was plenty of livestock and the house hold use cooking gas from the plant. Also, their farm had rich vegetation. They contacted sarpanch of the village and convinced him to set up a bio-gas plant for village community.

(i) Mention the values displayed by Mr. Nair. Nikhil and Neha.

(ii) Explain the possible arguments given by Nikhil and Neha to the sarpanch to convince him to set up a bio-gas plant.

(i) The values displayed by Mr. Nair. Nikhil and Neha are as follows:

1. Energy from renewable source of energy

2. Energy production does not contribute to pollution.

They all possess high degree of general awareness, helping nature and at the same they are nature conserver.

(ii) The possible arguments are as follows:

1. Economic and cheaper way to generate fuel

2. Use of your own organic and agricultural waste to generate fuel.

3. Efficient burning of biogas as compared to other fuels.

4. The slurry from biogas plant can be used as fertilizer for the fields.

5. Burning biogas does not pollute environment and also leaves no ash.