NCERT - Themes in World History

Book: NCERT - Themes in World History

Chapter: 1. From the Beginning of Time

Subject: Social Science - Class 11th

Q. No. 5 of Exercises

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Discuss the extent to which (a) hunting and (b) constructing shelters would have been facilitated by the use of language. What other modes of communication could have been used for these activities?

Hunting and constructing shelters would have been facilitated by the use of language to a great extent. Language helped people to share techniques and knowledge of hunting and constructing shelters.


1. People could make a plan for hunting

2. They could discuss the modes and techniques of hunting with each other

3. They could get information about abundance of animals in different regions.

4. They could discuss nature of animals

5. They could improve weapons and tools for hunting.

6. They could discuss how to use different parts of the body parts of an animal they killed.


1. People could get information about available materials used in constructing shelters.

2. They could discuss and decide safe places for constructing shelters.

3. They could discuss different facilities available near a shelter.

4. They could share the techniques of constructing a shelter with each other.

OTHER MODES – The other modes of communication used for these activities could have been signs, symbols, paintings and engravings.


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