Of the new institutions that came into being once city life had begun, which would have depended on the initiative of the king?

Several new institutions came into being once city life had begun. These institutions included temples, schools, tablet writers, trade centres, sea making, permanent army, craftsman, builds, sculptures etc. Out of these new institutions, temples, trade centre and art of writing would have depended on the initiative of the king. All these institutions held a great importance Temple might be the place for functions and meetings, ceremonies holding religious values and king would have shown personal interest in its maintenance and would have taken initiative to build more of the temples and take care its construction.

Trade Centres took the new city’s economical direction; with the increasing trade with neighbouring cities and expansion of market within the territory had developed due to king’s initiative and support to establish them therefore would have played an significant role in the expansion of trade market and centres.

The kings of this era specifically focused on the writing. They legitimized some symbols and codes for writing to keep it uniform and identical. Writing used to keep records, to converse and to send messages; we can find it on tablets or stone engraftation. Thus, initially these new institutions had developed and flourish with the help of king’s initiative.