Compile a list of some of the towns, cities, rivers, seas and provinces mentioned in this chapter, and then try and find them on the maps. Can you say something about any three of the items in the list you have compiled?

Towns –Pompeii, Alexandria, Cairo, Mecca

Pompeii was an ancient Roman city in Italian region.

Alexandria was a port city handled by Jewish merchants. They had direct trade as mentioned in the Genzia collection. Their trade was exported to Europe and other continents.

Mecca is a city in the Arabian Peninsula in Saudi Arabia. It is the birthplace of great Islamic scholar and founder of Islam Muhammad.

Cairo is the capital of Egypt. It is one of the biggest metropolitan city in Africa.

Rivers – Rhine, Danube, Euphrates

Rhine, it has been vital navigation for carrying trade and goods in waterways. It has a significant name in the Holy Roman Empire and lately become a symbol of the German invasion.

The Danube is the Europes second largest river after the Volga, Located in central eastern Europe.

The Euphrates is the longest and one of the most historically important rivers of Western Asia.

Seas – Black sea, red sea, Caspian Sea

The Black Sea, it was most used waterways for trade and transport. It was situated between southeast Europe and western Asia. The trade was mainly held among central Asia, Mesopotamia and Greece.

The red sea is in the Indian Ocean lying between Asia and Africa.

The Caspian Sea is the largest enclosed inland body of water on earth by area. It is located close to Russia.

Provinces – Cyrenaica. Tripolitania, Gallic