Suppose the emperor Trajan had actually managed to conquer India and the Romans had held on to the country for several centuries. In what ways do you think India might be different today?

If the Romans had held on to India for several countries, India might be different today in the following ways:-

1. There might be aristocracy prevailing in India in the place of democracy.

2. Instead of being secular nation, Christianity might have been the state religion.

3. Slavery system might prevail in the country thus no individual rights or freedom secured.

4. Besides Indian and other regional languages, foreign languages like Latin and Greek might be spoken in the country.

5. The countryside might be administered by cities.

6. There might be different patterns and change in the art, literature and architecture of the country.

7. Indians might worship Roman gods’ and goddesses such as Jupiter, Juno, etc., along with Indian god and goddesses.

8. The hierarchy and the social structure of the society might have been divided into patricians, plebeians and slaves.