Go through the chapter carefully and pick out some basic features of Roman society and economy which you think makes it look quite modern.

Some basic features of the Roman society:-

1. Society was divided into upper, middle, lower class.

2. There was widespread prevalence of the Nuclear Family.

3. Women retained full rights in their father’s property. They could owe and manage property and its related issues.

4. There was vast diversity of religious cults and local deities, the plurality of languages that were spoken, the style of dress and costume, the food people ate and their form of social organization.

5. The king could not act arbitrarily and had to bide to certain rules and regulations.

6. People made an active use of the law for protection of their rights and its effective implementation.

Some basic features of the Roman economy:-

1. The empire had a substantial economic structure of harbours, mines, brickyard, etc.

2. Roman trade was flourish and prosperous across several continents.

3. Widespread use of monetary such as silver denarius and gold solid.

4. The level of productivity in agriculture was very high which led to good market values and agricultural trade.

5. There was an organized commercial and banking system and money was widely used.

6. Competition among different region to have control over olive oil markets.