How were Islamic architectural forms different from those of the Roman Empire?

Roman Architectural Forms – Romans were skilled architects. They introduced arch and domes in architecture. Their buildings had two or three stories. In these buildings, arch were constructed on one another. Their arches were round in shape. These arches were used in building city gates, bridges, big buildings and victory monuments. Arches were used even in building collegiums. There gladiator’s competitions were also held. These arches were also used in constructing canals.

Islamic Architectural Forms – Islamic architectural forms were influenced by Iranian art. But Arabs discovered original specimens of decorations. Their buildings included round domes, minarets, and horse hoof- shaped arches and carved pillars. Features of Islamic architecture can be seen in Arab’s mosques, libraries, places, hospitals, and schools. They used decorative forms of writing to decorate their architecture nd manuscripts. The places were richly decorated with sculptures, mosaics and paintings like the Palace of Baghdad.