Keeping the nomadic element of the Mongol and Bedouin societies in mind, how, in your opinion, did their respective historical experiences differ? What explanations would you suggest account for these differences?

Bedouin lived in the dry desert region. On the other hand, Mongols were nomadic tribes of the steppes, which was a beautiful region. Bedouin obtained water and fodder for their animals at oasis in desert. They used mainly date as their food. They had to wonder in search of fodder. Camel was their main animal. On the other hand, nomadic Mongols had large green pastures. There was no storage of water because rivers like Onon and Selenga flowed in their region. In the steppe region, there were also hundreds of springs from the melting snow of hills. Bedouin were not hunter gathers. They were mainly cattle bearers. But many Mongols tribes were hunters-gathers. Trade was their main occupation.

Reason of Differences- the main reason for differences in Nomadic characteristics of Mongols and Bedouins were landscape and other geographical conditions of their country.