NCERT - Themes in World History

Book: NCERT - Themes in World History

Chapter: 7. Changing Cultural Traditions

Subject: Social Science - Class 11th

Q. No. 3 of Exercises

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Why were Italian towns the first to experience the ideas of humanism?

The reason behind Italian towns being the first to experience the ideas of humanism are mentioned below.

i. Italian towns were the ones to have the earliest universities in Europe.

ii. During the eleventh century universities like Padua and Bologna had been centre of legal studies.

iii. It was conveyed and successfully implied through the educational programme that there much more to be learnt than the religious teaching.

iv. During 13th and 14th Centuries education had almost spread in Italy, in 1300 Humanism was taught at Padua University in Italy and in 1349 University was established in Florence.

v. The citizens were made aware of the views and ideas relating to humanism, which was taught in educational institutions.


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