Compare the Venetian idea of good government with those in contemporary France.

i. Venice had a good governance as compared to other governments during the same era.

ii. Venetian Government was a more democratic government which differed from the France government which was more of a dictator and believed in bestowing power to one person with absolute power.

iii. Venetian Government had important member of the city included in the council which controlled the administration, whereas the base of French Government was Feudalism.

iv. Every single person in the Venetian Government was given equal importance and treated fairly whereas in the French Government there was huge discrimination and suppression of the people.

v. Peasants, Merchants, Lawyers etc. had an important role to play in the Venetian government. But in the French Government Lords/Kings were the authority and attorney.

vi. Efforts were made and results were brought by the Venetian government for upliftment of the poor, whereas in the French Government Lords/Kings owned huge lands, and the peasants had to cultivate their own lands as well as the lords' land.

vii. Venetian Government believed in the legal system where justice was given to all, And in the French Government lords/kings extended judicial control over the peasants and the settlement.

viii. Venetian Government believed in fair rights whereas French Government was highly exploited the people.

ix. Administrative system in French Government was defective and not organised opposite to the Venetian government which was much organised.

x. French Government was a biased government as the popular and important post were given to aristocrats and the nobles.

The governmental structure of Venice and France can is stated below,


1) Arengo (Legislature consisting of all citizens)

2) Maggior Consiglio (The theoretical source of all authority ,consisting of more than 2000 members)

2) a) Pregadi (A 120 member strong senate in charge of day to day legislation)

2) b) Council of Ten (A 10 man strong council with authority over all government actions)

3) Minor Consiglio / Signoria (Authority supervising the actions of the dodge with power of veto) this was in parallel with Doge (Head of state and head of all government institutions)

4) Collegio (Executive arm of the government