What were the features of humanist thought?

i. The one who gives value to human beings is called humanist.

ii. Humanism affected the artistic community and how artists were perceived.

iii. The paintings of humanist called as the humanist paintings the particular concern was perspective elements and light deception.

iv. Painters, Artist & Sculptors mostly depended on and used in order to project reality depended and used anatomy, geometry and physics.

v. Donatello’s David is regarded as an iconic Humanist work of art.

vi. The agenda was humanity service on basis of equalisim, neglecting the caste and faith.

vii. About History the humanist had a very different thought.

viii. Individual skills where highlighted and enhanced by Humanist.

ix. The term Renaissance Man came in to existence and the person with many skills and interest was called as the Renaissance Man they were scholar diplomat-theologian-artist combined in one.

x. The restoration of true civilisation because of humanist thought would enable the Dark Age which Europe was experiencing.

xi. The great work done by famous Aristotle and Plato were translated.

xii. Humanist ideas were transferred through architecture and books which became effective.

xiii. Scholars, writers, and leaders accepted Humanism as an intellectual movement and supported it.

xiv. Blindly following religious belief was no more encouraged and more importance was given to evidence and thinking.

xv. Modern faculties such as chemistry, mathematics, natural science and astronomy became a part of the university syllabus.

xvi. The basis of humanism is naturalism.