Write a careful account of how the world appeared different to seventeenth-century Europeans.

i. The Europeans thought modern technology which was lacking and not seen by the world.

ii. seventeenth-century was the most important century in the making of the modern world

iii. The Europeans fought one another in Europe as a result of which wars became expensive and complex.

iv. European Governments invested in research in military technology to gain an upper hand over others during war.

v. Military revolution was seen in seventeenth century.

vi. As a result of Military revolution, Europeans could easily defeat their enemies.

vii. Colonization was fastened in America and Asia.

viii. Fellow European states engaged in to completion to gain wealth and power.

ix. This century saw the works and people like Galileo and Newton, Descartes Hugo and many more.

x. By far now European had gained and acquired good knowledge and were efficient at Machines, electricity, the telescope and microscope, Universal gravitation.

xi. During this century theater, music, visual arts and philosophy also developed.