Compare the civilisation of the Aztecs with that of the Mesopotamians.

Civilization of the Aztecs:

1. Their society was hierarchical in nature. The society includes nobles, priests, warriors, traders, artisans, physicians, teachers, peasants, etc.

2. Aztec king was chosen by the nobles from among them. The king was regarded as the representative of the sun and earth.

3. As their land was limited so people converted their wasteland into land suitable for habitation and cultivation. There were also canals and wells for irrigation.

4. People used to cultivate corns, beans, squash, pumpkins, potatoes, manioc roots and other crops.

5. People worshipped the gods of war and sun.

Civilization of the Mesopotamians:

1. The Mesopotamian society was divvied into three class i.e. higher, middle and social classes.

2. Higher and middle classes led a happy and luxurious life, while the life of the lower class was miserable.

3. Women had a lower status than men in the society.

4. People used to worship many god and goddesses.

5. In Mesopotamia art of writing was first developed. They discovered the lunar calendar and the decimal system. They prepared the Hamurabi’s code of law. Besides they invented the potter’s wheel, glassware and new style of architecture.