NCERT - Themes in World History

Book: NCERT - Themes in World History

Chapter: 9. The Industrial Revolution

Subject: Social Science - Class 11th

Q. No. 3 of Exercises

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What were the interesting features of the ‘inventions’ of this period?

i. The much prominent feature was construction of Canals and Railways.

ii. Worsley Canal was made by James Brindley in 1761.

iii. Stephenson’s Rocket the first steam locomotive was invented in 1814.

iv. Puffing Devil that can pull trucks around the mine was invented by Richard Trevithick

v. The Blutcher could pull a weight of 30 tons a hill at 4mph was invented by George Stephenson.

vi. The inventors from cotton industry who were skilled in weaving and carpentry were John Kay and James Hargreaves.

vii. Henry Cort designed the puddling furnace.

viii. John Kay designed the flying shuttle loom.

ix. James Watt invented steam engine.


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