How were the lives of different classes of British women affected by the Industrial Revolution?

During the Industrial revolution, Women along with children worked. There were stringent guidelines and strict discipline for Women.Incase if they disobeyed they were punished as well. Women from different part of the counties began to work in the factories not restricting themselves to farm job or weaving job. Women due to their work in factories became financially independent and got self-respect

Wages which were payed to women as compared to men were low in spite of both men and women putting same effort and same hours of work.

Women gained status in society particularly social status.

Due to technological enhancement more use of machinery was encouraged which meant less workers were required the industrialist employed women majorly, the reason being women work for lower wages and are less disturbed about their environment and poor working conditions.

Cities like Lancashire and Yorkshire employed women on large scale as large cotton industries were established in these cities.

Metal Industries, Knitting Industries and Lace making industries saw more employment of women.