NCERT - Themes in World History

Book: NCERT - Themes in World History

Chapter: 10. Displacing Indigenous Peoples

Subject: Social Science - Class 11th

Q. No. 5 of Exercises

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How satisfactory is a museum gallery display in explaining the culture of a people? Give examples from your own experience of a museum.

A museum is in the service of society, open to the public. I had a chance recently to visit a museum and I felt museums make you feel good, they make you smarter by showcasing different cultures, traditions, history, arts, tribes, folks etc. They provide an effective way of learning, museum inspire you.

i. I got information on the different currencies which were used at the time of different kings who ruled and also during the British and European regime.

ii. Sought information in different language.

iii. What I saw was a beautiful art, in the form of painting, jeweller designs, clay work and clothing.

iv. Saw Archaeologists reports, remains of animals who were extinct, research papers, reports.

v. Saw images from ancient culture.

In this way museum gallery display shares information, educates you and makes you understand, the financial side of cultures, the art side of different cultures, the Knowledge different cultures have acquired. In a true way Museum displays culture of the people.


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