Imagine an encounter in California in about 1880 between four people: a former African slave, a Chinese labourer, a German who had come out in the Gold Rush, and a native of the Hopi tribe, and narrate their conversation.

On a bright sunny day four people interlinked with each other’s fortune meet unexpectedly.

Apisi is a kind man like his tribe and is very welcoming.

Kagiso is an African Slave and works of his German Master.

Joe King is a wealthy German who has come in Gold Rush and is Master of Kagiso.

Le Wei is a Chinese labourer.

Apisi to Le Wei, when both of them were collection wood.

Apisi: Look who is coming, A German Man with his slave and a dog.

Le Wei: Better we run.

Apisi: No, Lets welcome him that is what we do that is what our Hopi Tribe culture is.

Apisi and Le Wei Welcomes Joe King and Kagiso, they rest for a while and soon and slowly indulge in discussion.

Apisi: Europeans exploited us looted us, they became greedy, hunted animals.

Joe King: This is part of trade and business.

Le Wei: We have come here to work, we build tracks, dig lands, work very hard yet we are paid very low.

Kagiso: I was a free man in my country, I use to roam in my rice field and herd by sheep’s until one day I was enslaved.

Joe King: Kagiso, I gave a good price for you, We Europeans gave you blankets, vessels, guns and alcohol.

Apisi: And you in greed, sold the fish and furs in Europe to gain profits. Because of your impatience to get Fur you slaughtered hundreds of animals and we now fear that the animals will take revenge for this destruction.

Kagiso: Let me go Mr King.

Joe King : We have to travel far now ,Mr Apisi and Mr Wei if you wish you may join, I would give something to you in return for your help.

*A bell rings.

Apisi: It’s our prayer time. I should be going.

Le Wei: Good bye Mr King and Kagiso.

Apisi: May you find your gold Mr King.

Joe King: Sure, I will……

And they all departed and went to their respective works