What were the major developments before the Meiji restoration that made it possible for Japan to modernize rapidly?

The Meiji restoration was made in 1867-1868. Before it, the following major developments made it possible for Japan to Modernize rapidly:

1. Peasants were disarmed, now only the Samurai’s could carried the swords. This ensured peace and order ending the frequent wars of the previous centuries.

2. The Daimyo were ordered to live in the capital of their domains. They were also given a large degree of autonomy.

3. Land surveys were made to indentify owners and tax payers. Land productivity was also granted to ensure a stable revenue base.

4. There was rise in population in the Daimyo’s capitals. This led to the growth of a commercial economy and creates financial and credit system.

5. A person’s merit began to be more valued than his status.

6. The fast growing class of merchants in towns patronize theatre and the arts.

7. People have developed a habit of reading.

8. Restrictions were put on the export of precious metal.

9. Steps were taken to develop the skill industry so as to reduce imports.

10. Use of money has increase, and the stock market in rise was created.

11. People began to study ancient Japanese literature which led them to question the degree of Chinese influence on Japan.