RD Sharma - Mathematics (Volume 2)

Book: RD Sharma - Mathematics (Volume 2)

Chapter: 21. Areas of Bounded Regions

Subject: Maths - Class 12th

Q. No. 2 of Exercise 21.2

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Find the area of the region bounded by x2 = 16y, y = 1, y = 4 and the y – axis in the first quadrant.

To find the area under two or more than two curves, the first crucial step is to find the INTERSECTION POINTS of the curves.

Between Curve A and Line C

Between Curve A and Line B

Required Area can be calculated by breaking the problem into two parts.

I. Calculate Area under the curve A and Line B.

II. Subtract the area enclosed by curve A and Line C from the above area.

I. = Area under B and A

II. = Area under C and A

The required area under the curve

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