NCERT - Mathematics

Book: NCERT - Mathematics

Chapter: 2. Linear Equations in One Variable

Subject: Maths - Class 8th

Q. No. 6 of Exercises 2.4

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There is a narrow rectangular plot, reserved for a school, in Mahuli village. The length and breadth of the plot are in the ratio 11:4. At the rate Rs100 per metre it will cost the village panchayat Rs 75000 to fence the plot. What are the dimensions of the plot?

Let the length and breadth of the plot be l = 11x and b = 4x respectively.

Since the plot is of rectangular shape and we the perimeter of a rectangle is 2(l + b)

Also, rate of fencing the plot is Rs 100 for 1m

Now, 2(l + b)

= 2(11x + 4x)

= 2(15x) = 30x

Therefore cost of fencing 30x m will be,

30x * 100 = 75000

3000x = 75000

x = 25

Thus, the length = 11*(25) = 275 m

And the breadth = 4*(25) = 100 m


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