NCERT - Mathematics

Book: NCERT - Mathematics

Chapter: 10. Visualising Solid Shapes

Subject: Maths - Class 8th

Q. No. 1 of Exercises 10.2

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Look at the given map of a city

Answer the following.

A. Color the map as follows: Blue-water, red-fire station, orange-library, yellow- schools, Green - park, Pink - College, Purple - Hospital, Brown - Cemetery.

B. Mark a green ‘X’ at the intersection of Road ‘C’ and Nehru Road, Green ‘Y’ at the intersection of Gandhi Road and Road A.

C. In red, draw a short street route from Library to the bus depot.

D. Which is further east, the city park or the market?

E. Which is further south, the primary school or the Sr. Secondary School?

(a) The required colored map is as follows:

(b) Marks can be put in the following way:

(c) The shortest route of the given condition is as follows:

(d) The City Park is further east between the Market and the City Park

(e) Sr. Secondary School is further south between the Primary School and the Sr. Secondary School


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