The adjoining pie chart gives the marks scored in an examination by a student inHindi, English, Mathematics, Social Science and Science. If the total marks obtainedby the students were 540, answer the following questions.

(i) In which subject did the student score 105marks?

(Hint: for 540 marks, the central angle = 360°. So, for 105 marks, what is the central angle?)

(ii) How many more marks were obtained by thestudent in Mathematics than in Hindi?

(iii) Examine whether the sum of the marksobtained in Social Science and Mathematicsis more than that in Science and Hindi.

(Hint: Just study the central angles).

(i) Total marks obtained by the student are 540.

Hence, 540 marks represents 360°


Central angle for 105 marks =

Hindi has its central angle as 70°

Hence, students score 105 marks in Hindi.

(ii) The difference in central angle between Math and Hindi = 90°-70°=20°

Therefore, 30 more marks were obtained in maths and in hindi.

(iii) Total of Angles of Social Science and Math = 80°+70°=150°

Total of Angles of Science and Hindi = 65°+90°=155°

It is clear that sum of marks obtained in Social Science and Math is less than that in Science and Hindi.