NCERT - Mathematics

Book: NCERT - Mathematics

Chapter: 5. Data Handling

Subject: Maths - Class 8th

Q. No. 4 of Exercises 5.3

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Numbers 1 to 10 are written on ten separate slips (one number on one slip), kept ina box and mixed well. One slip is chosen from the box without looking into it. What is the probability of.

(i) getting a number 6?

(ii) getting a number less than 6?

(iii) getting a number greater than 6?

(iv) getting a 1-digit number?

Total number of events = 10

Number of favourable events for getting number 6 = 1


Probability of getting a 6:

Probability of getting number less than 6:

Probability of getting number greater than 6:

Probability of getting a one digit number:


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