Explain the role of Self Help Groups in empowering women.

Self Help Groups are voluntary organizations formed by women to enhance the microcredit for the members in it, and the women members get to indulge in the entrepreneurial activities such as run a canteen, small shops, etc. This self-help group was established to empower the women, and the empowerment of women will not only improve her, but it also improves the family as a whole which also contributes to the economic development of the country. Basics of self-help groups for women:

• It helps women to create new small enterprises with low capital investment and by employing the members itself.

• It improves the women employment opportunity, increases the income of the family and also GDP of the country.

• It is one of the easiest ways of microcredit. Credit will be given to a person who is actually in need of it.

• Due to this programme, the women group start to get aware of the social issues, and they will try to educate the girl child in the family which will increase the female literacy rate.