NCERT - Mathematics

Book: NCERT - Mathematics

Chapter: 8. Comparing Quantities

Subject: Maths - Class 8th

Q. No. 8 of Exercises 8.2

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The price of a TV is Rs 13,000. The sales tax charged on it is at the rate of 12%. Find the amount that Vinod will have to pay if he buys it.

C.P. = Rs.13,000 and S.T. rate = 12%

Let C.P. be Rs.100, then S.P. for purchaser

= 100 + 12 = Rs.112

When C.P. is Rs.100, then S.P. = Rs.112

When C.P. is Rs.1, then S.P. =

When C.P. is Rs.13,000, then S.P. =

= Rs.14,560


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