Give two reason for variation of the degree of commercialisation of agriculture from region to region.

India is predominantly an agricultural country. Different forms of agriculture are practiced in the country which depends upon a variety of physical, environmental and socio-economic conditions. The commercialization of agriculture refers to the process of growing crops mainly for commercial purposes rather than for individual consumption. Two important reasons behind the variation of degrees in the commercialization of agriculture are as follows –

a) Demand – Often one region requires a certain crop but may be unable to grow it or needs surplus quantity. Thus, other areas where the crop is not in high demand practices commercial farming of said crop. E.g., Punjab and Haryana have a preference for wheat but also grow rice as a commercial crop, which is sought after by states like Orissa, West Bengal which is rice based.

b) Land fertility – Often available agricultural land is not fertile enough for growing food crops. These lands are then used for a variety of plantations like rubber, bamboo etc.. which have commercial purposes.